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QuickTest Professional Accelerator


Implementation planning involves assessment of the testing and application environment. Based on the application(s) to be tested, the team develops a project plan for setup and configuration, user training and scripting for the engagement. Consideration is given to floating license controllers, Quality Center integration, add-in requirements and custom application objects requiring special scripting. Specific use cases are identified for custom training and mentoring purposes.

Planning may also involve examining the test plans in order to begin developing the test automation framework. SetupSetup involves installation or migration of QuickTest Professional and its components for the target environment. Based on the assessment of the application(s) to be tested, our consultant will assist with any unique configuration settings required for using QuickTest Professional for scripting. Examples could including floating license server configuration, add-ins and integrations and locations of configuration files and templates.

Training And Mentoring

Onsite training covers the essential concepts and techniques for using QuickTest Professional to automate manual tests. Based on the planning sessions, course agendas are adjusted to also look at examples from the customer`s application for training and mentoring purposes.

During mentoring a sample set of tests are used to implement the test framework, scripts and utilities. The framework is then used to carry out examples of scripting and test execution whether stand-alone or in conjunction with Quality Center.

Scripting And Execution

Clients may choose to have First Contact implement a specific set of tests for the engagement, or have First Contact continue with mentoring and assist their staff as they begin scripting and implementing QuickTest Professional.

In the first approach, our consultants will lead the implementation of tests and create necessary utilities and libraries to provide turn-key test automation. Our consultants will then review the script construction, design choices and execution of the test suite whether standalone or in conjunction with Quality Center.

For clients who want more emphasis on user-driven scripting, or without an imminent deadline, our consultant will provide mentoring advice and guidance during the scripting process and test execution while letting users drive the development process

Hand Off

A hand-off session will review the results of the implementation accelerator project, the progress made with QuickTest Professional and action items for deployment. The team will review the scripts created, test results and reporting, and discuss any remaining technique- or script-related topics.

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